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General Information

While students may choose to be fully distant learners, several options are available to students who are currently home schooled or enrolled in an on-line curriculum.


Option 1:  Blended

  • *Enroll in PVA classes and work from home and in our PVA lab. 

  • *Enroll in a combination of classroom work, the PVA lab, and working on-line at home.  

  • *Ohio graduation requirements apply. 

  • *A minimum of 5% completed in each class per week for attendance. 

  • *This would result in a PDY diploma.


Option 2: Full Distance Learning at home

  • *Flexible schedule allowing students to work on courses on their schedule.

  • *Mastery skills must be demonstrated in our Panther Virtual Academy (PVA). 

  • *A minimum of 5 credit hours attempted per year.   

  • *A minimum of 5% completed in each class per week for attendance. 

  • *Ohio graduation requirements apply. 

  • *A minimum 2.0 GPA is required to participate in this option.  

  • *This would result in a PDY diploma.

Option 3: Home School Hybrid

  • *Continue home school curriculum, but take advantage of desired courses from PVA at home.

  • *This would NOT result in a PDY diploma.

  • *Attendance will be reviewed weekly with log-in reports.  A minimum of 5% completed in each class per week for attendance.

The following are policies for all options:

  • *The rules of school attendance as dictated by the State Department or Education still apply.  

  • *Attendance will be reviewed periodically with log-in reports generated by the GradPoint website. 

  • *All suspension/expulsion rules in student handbook apply.  

  • *A score of 70% on all quizzes and tests are required to move on.  

  • *Students signed up for any of these options would be eligible for extra-curricular activity at the Middle School or High School. 

  • *For high school transcript purposes, classes taken through the PVA will be listed under “GradPoint PVA”.  For middle school and elementary grade cards, classes taken through the PVA will be listed under “GradPoint PVA” or “Connections PVA.”

  • *These courses guide students through all elements of the lesson using best practices in teaching and require students to master content before moving on.  This is referred to as “sequential courses.”  These courses are ideal for first time instruction, when time in course is important to meet NCAA rules and regulations.  However, classes MAY NOT be NCAA approved.  

  • *Administration has to right to deny students’ participation in the PVA based on grades, attendance and code of conduct. 

Ryan Ripke is the Panther Virtual Academy Director.  He will work with you and the school administrator(s) whose building your child would be placed in to come up with the best option for you and your child.  Our goal at PVA is to best serve you and your child's educational needs.  Feel free to call Mr. Ripke at 419-822-8247, extension 3111 or email him at rripke@pdys.org.  

Pike-Delta-York and Panther Virtual Academy have teamed up with Pearson to bring online content to all students, K-12, within the Pike-Delta-York Local School District.  The following links are for high school and middle school students who will be taking credit recover and elective classes from GradPoint.  

 Connexus is for students in grades K-5 taking online classes. 



The enrollment process into the Panther Virtual Academy will begin similarly to the enrollment process in the traditional school setting.  Contact the PVA staff at 419-822-8247 extension 3305 to initiate the process.  We will first discuss the necessary documentation needed to enroll.  The documentation needed to enroll in the Pike-Delta-York Schools includes the the following:

  • Proof of Delta residency
  • Custody papers (if applicable)
  • Birth Certificate
  • Social Security Card
  • Most recent transcript and grade card
  • Immunization Records
  • IEP (if applicable)

Once the district enrollment process is completed, the PVA director will meet with the school guidance counselor(s), administrator(s) and the parent/guardian to determine course placement based on the student's most recent transcript and grade card.  Once it is determined which courses the student will take, the course requests will be made and student will be on their way to continuing their education with Panther Virtual Academy.  

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